Our Mission.
Our Vision.
Our Values.

Our Mission

Hospice of Elgin is a charitable organization that provides compassionate care to palliative and bereaved individuals and families; recognizing and embracing their unique needs.

Our Vision

To create a community that honours people as they journey to life’s end and to provide a haven where the palliative, the caregiver and the bereaved experience compassion, hope, and healing.

Our Values

You Matter. Human Dignity
All persons have an intrinsic dignity and worth that is independent of what any other person thinks or says about them.

We Care. Providing Compassionate Care
People seek our care and services at moments of vulnerability, particularly at end-of-life. We must reach out with kindness, attentiveness, and thoughtfulness

We respect the values and beliefs, choices, experiences and diversity of individuals and their families. We provide continuity and consistency of care that is responsive to the individual wishes, concerns, and priorities

We care for the body, mind, and spirit. Spirituality can be religious or non-religious and includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and often involves searching for meaning in life.

Responsibility for resources in our care, including the physical and financial resources as well as the time, effort, and commitment of employees and volunteers.

We help foster a sense of cooperation and support among staff, volunteers, community members, and partners.


Hospice of Elgin, governed by a local board of directors, is a Catholic organization owned and sponsored by St. Joseph’s Health Care Society.  As part of the St. Joseph’s Family we share experience, expertise, best practices, and resources, resulting in better, safer, more cost-effective care.