Hospice is more than just a building.

It’s both a place & type of care.

It’s about...
Hospice of Elgin
Celebrating life right until the end of life
Hospice of Elgin
Making room for a goodbye wrapped in care, love, honour & dignity
Hospice of Elgin
Supporting the palliative, their caregivers & families
Hospice of Elgin
Knowing your loved ones will be okay
Hospice of Elgin
Expert care at no cost
Hospice of Elgin
No one in our community dies alone

So much more than beds.

Palliative Care Clinic
Palliative Care Clinic
Hospice family sleep room
A family sleep room allowing loved ones to stay overnight
Spiritual Care
A spiritual care space for all faiths and traditions
Grief and Bereavement Centre
Grief and Bereavement Centre
Respite Suites
Two suites dedicated to respite, allowing individuals to return home after a short stay
Hospice of Elgin dining and living room
Dining and living room, for more of life’s celebrations
24 7 care hospice suites
Ten private hospice suites offering 24-7 care
Children’s play space hospice elgin
Children’s play space
Hospice family cafe
A family café for families to refuel
Hospice will be a 17,000 sq. ft. healthcare facility designed to “feel like home”.

A bold vision.

Community gardens and trails
connecting to Waterworks Park
An art gallery showcasing
life in Elgin County
Fire pit and covered patio
Pet therapy
Rooms with fireplaces, home
like furnishings and quilts
Smart TVs allowing families to stay connected

Welcome to our
Heart of Care Model.

We're bringing much needed expert person & family centred care to Elgin County.
Hospice will help support individuals at home, in the community or at Hospice. Care will be provided at no cost.

Our expert interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals support physical, practical, psycho-social & spiritual needs.
Hospice of Elgin Heart of Care Model
Hospice of Elgin We Make Room fro Life at Life's End
Join us...
When you give to Hospice, you are building a legacy of care that will impact thousands of families in Elgin County.
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to discuss how your special gift can have a significant and lasting impact for generations.
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