Building & Design


Our Vision: Hospice of Elgin

Help us create a space for what matters most in Elgin County

Legacy projects like this one come along once in a lifetime and will shape the future of our community. We can leverage this opportunity or lose it. Now is the time to make this vision a reality. Donations will be designated toward construction costs, beds and furniture, medical equipment, start-up costs and funds to sustain Hospice care for generations to come.

Our vision for our Hospice …

  • A 15,000 square foot healthcare facility with a home-like atmosphere
  • 10-bed facility, offering 24-7 specialized end-of-life care
  • Palliative care clinic, supporting individuals and families within the community
  • Care offered at home, in the community, or in Hospice
  • Holistic person-centered care addresses the physical, emotional, psychosocial and spiritual care needs
  • Community support anchored at hospice to provide caregiver support and respite, resources, education and navigation, and grief and bereavement programs for adults and children
  • Anchored in a beautiful green space with gardens, water features, and intentionally designed therapeutic spaces … a peaceful and tranquil setting to enjoy life’s moments and make memories

Our $9.5 Million Capital Campaign

Note: Hospice construction costs are $299 – $431 per square foot in contrast to $568 – $764 per square foot for hospital acute care (2019 Canadian cost guide for real estate and infrastructure construction)