Join Our Champions

Hospice care is about our community, about our lives and better endings. Together, our donors – our champions have stepped up to support our mission. We acknowledge and thank our donors and champions for making Hospice of Elgin possible. Your support signals the importance you place on excellent local health care services, especially in caring for those as the journey towards life’s end.

Our Champions

Dr. Bob Jones (Campaign Chair), Ken Monteith (Honourary Co-Chair), Dr. Duncan Sinclair (Honourary Co-Chair), Bill Graham, Robert Furneaux, Michael Broadhead, Ellen Luft, Paul Bode, Dr. John Hofhuis, Kate Dymock, Dean Kitts, Dr. Anne Howe, Shirley Biro, Corneilus Reimer, Carol Mailing, Liz Haselbah, Fran Kennedy, Lindsay Barber, Dan Kelly, Dan Reith, Dan Ross, Melanie Smith.

Dr. Waleed Chehadi, Chief of Staff, St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital

“Currently, those who require Hospice care are having to be placed in sites outside our community or are having to be institutionalized to meet this level of care. Take a moment to imagine yourself lying at the end-of-life in a strange and unfamiliar place, vulnerable and alone, and away from home knowing that your family is unable to travel to be with you or can do so, but only under extreme burden. A Hospice within Elgin County would do much to improve the delivery of end-of-life care.”

Kathy Collier, Collier Homes

“This project does more than support families in need for end-of-life care. It builds our community. Hospice of Elgin supports development and retention of palliative care experts, physicians, nurses and PSWs, not to mention bringing over $10 million in economic benefits and the creation of many new jobs.”

Terry Carroll, Executive Director, Elgin-St. Thomas Community Foundation

“Elgin is a generous, family-oriented community of builders and visionaries. Our new Hospice will address a desperate need, as well as represent the very best of who we are and what our community has to offer. This is a critical building block shaping our future as a community. Your investment will reach out deeply into the community and blaze the trail in addressing the critical issue of end-of-life care. The need, and therefore the impact, will only increase as the population ages.”

Bill Graham, Community Leader

“Building a Hospice is about much more than bricks and mortar. It’s about caring for our community for generations to come. At some point, everyone will need Hospice, whether as a caregiver, bereaved family member, or as a person needing care at the end of their life. Please join us in supporting Hospice.”